Natural Resources Canada's powerful approach to advanced heat recovery


Conventional energy audits can only take a complex industrial facility so far. For further energy savings, Natural Resources Canada has developed powerful heat INTEGRATION software and an intensive training course. The advanced heat recovery techniques reveal cost-effective projects that achieve energy savings of up to 30%, reduce GHG emissions, cut exposure to carbon taxes, reduce waste water, and improve system throughput.

The main focus of the course is optimization of process heat exchanges through a global approach called pinch analysis. The INTEGRATION software also includes stand-alone modules for quickly evaluating common heat recovery projects in steam, refrigeration, and compression systems.

“This was an excellent course…the techniques can and will be used immediately…the best value I’ve ever had for a course”

This course will be useful to process and plant engineers, regardless of whether they plan to tackle process integration projects themselves, or simply want to get the most benefit out of a process integration study done by a consultant.

Natural Resources Canada licenses the powerful, easy-to-use INTEGRATION software for free to course attendees.

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